Incorporation to Agencies of Spain

Incorporation to Agencies of Spain

From OTS Media International we can already confirm our adhesion to Agencias de España, one more step within our new strategy of growth.

Agencias de España was born to assume the challenge and the responsibility to promote, defend and lead a change of mentality in our sector, and the perception of it in Spanish society. We believe that putting into value attributes such as sacrifice, tenacity, “learning from mistakes”, taking risks, commitment, independence of thought, courage … attributes that make up the profile of an entrepreneur, we will help the sector and ours country. Therefore, we want the decisions that affect our sector are taken taking into account the opinion of the entrepreneurs of the same. We want to be masters of our destiny.

Agencia de España is an independent professional and business organization of national scope, non-profit making and formed by the main companies of mainly Spanish capital that manage the commercial and institutional communication of Marks, Companies and Institutions in any of its demonstrations: advertising agencies, public relations agencies, media agencies, digital agencies, direct marketing agencies, event agencies, promotion agencies, brand consulting, branding / corporate identity agencies, mobile marketing agencies, healthcare agencies , etc.

We are sure that this new partnership will bring many successes for both.

Published by: OTS Media International