Tourism of Andalusia

Tourism of Andalusia

For over four years we have been planning and purchasing Turismo de Andalucía with exceptional results, obtaining maximum coverage, GRP’S and OTS.

Planning and purchase of the campaign in conventional media of TOURISMO ANDALUCIA in Europe. The countries of coverage are: Germany, France, Italy and UK.

Image and branding campaign with images of the most important tourist attractions of Andalusia. Main objective to raise the reputation and image of brand promoting Andalusia as a tourist destination of Sun and Beach more important of Europe.

Selection of mediums of interest and great consumption in each country. 100% graphic campaign, travel journals, lifestyle and dominical supplement of the main newspapers of each country. Maximum coverage, GRP and OTS in each country.

Type of services provided: Implementation and execution of strategy of communication, planning and purchase of the international media plan of the advertiser TURISMO DE ANDALUCIA from 2009 to 2013.

Published by: OTS Media International