Turismo de Madrid chooses OTS Media for international consultancy of their last campaign of 2017

Turismo de Madrid chooses OTS Media for international consultancy of their last campaign of 2017

One of our main specialties is media planning for international advertising campaigns. We are an agency that supports other agencies that come to us for help to implement their clients’ campaigns in any country in the world. Each country has its peculiarities and it is not easy to carry out campaigns abroad due, among other aspects, to cultural, time, language or knowledge differences of the media landscape of the country in question.

Our experience of more than 20 years in the sector also allows us to do international consulting work with which we show our clients the characteristics of the countries in which they want to advertise. In this case, Turismo de Madrid contacted us for the preparation of an International Media Consulting in the following countries: Argentina, China, Colombia, Europe (PanEuropean media), India, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Peru, South Korea and USA.

Turismo de Madrid. Campaña Internacional OTS MEDIA Japon

The content of the consultancy was based on:

– Media Overview for each country and specific areas of interest.

– Profile of the traveling target of Madrid by country.

– Consumption of the total population and the traveling target of Madrid by country.

– Recommendation and description of all media related to the traveling target of Madrid.

Once our consultancy report was presented, Turismo de Madrid decided to carry out its last campaign of 2017 with our collaboration in the following countries: Japan, Russia, USA and Europe (Germany, UK, France and in PanEuropean media).

The budget of the campaign was approximately one million euros, to develop communicational strategies in print with full-page, double-page, advertorial; online formats, with Display, Native Advertising and Emailing formats. Within the planning there were different media profiles from generalists, to travel, business and lifestyle, such as The New York Times, Forbes Life, Le Monde, The Times, The Yomiuri Shimbun, Monocle, Vogue, etc.

Thanks to this type of work, OTS Media International is positioned as the best alternative for agencies and clients seeking to advertise abroad and thus have greater growth and international projection.

Published by: Jose Serra – OTS Media International