“Extremadura Foods” in the US

“Extremadura Foods” in the US

The United States is one of the main food and beverage importing countries from Spain. It occupies the first position as a non-EU country and the sixth globally, only behind countries of the European Union.

Changes in consumer habits or the diversity of consumers show a growing demand of the US market for the Spanish product, not only in products such as wine or olive oil that are more traditional but also in other more innovative and specialized ones.

For this reason, the Board of Extremadura has created the promotional brand “Alimentos de Extremadura” with the aim of disseminating and promoting agri-food products produced, processed and packaged in Extremadura. This gives rise to the idea of ​​developing a promotion plan that implies their dissemination among the professional and final public.

OTS Media and Marin Asociados are carrying out the Avante Extremadura campaign that will take place throughout 2019 and 2020.

The campaign has two lines of action, on the one hand the promotion at the point of sale of Extremadura products and on the other the dissemination of the Extremadura food brand through a gastronomic event, both actions in the city of Los Angeles.

The main target market is the city of Los Angeles, as it is the most populous city in California and the second most populous in the United States and where these types of promotional activities have had a remarkable success previously.

The promotion at the point of sale has been carried out and is being carried out in gourmet stores and supermarkets located in neighborhoods with high purchasing power in Los Angeles aimed at consumers who purchase quality products and with great economic capacity to buy products at higher prices. Products such as paprika de la Vera, extra virgin olive oil, ham, cheese, olives have been promoted through tastings and tastings with the best chefs recognized in the Los Angeles area with extensive experience in handling Spanish products.

Promotion at the point of sale in Los Angeles supermarket

On September 18, a gastronomic event took place at the Vino Bistro restaurant in Los Angeles. He has also had a photocall and have attended, professional press and institutions. To achieve success, this gastronomic event has had the best chefs, ham cutters and waiters to give the best service to the attendees.

Gastronomic event at Vino Bistro, Sunset Boulevard

With these actions, a series of secondary objectives are achieved, such as the promotion of Extremadura, the introduction of new Extremaduran products in the market and their consolidation, or the creation of contacts for Extremadura (culinary centers, restaurants).

OTS Media is not only able to cross borders and carry out international campaigns in traditional media, but is also able to help with event management.

Beatriz Formoso – Media Planner