OTS Media launches the Tourism campaign of the Murcia region in Rome

OTS Media launches the Tourism campaign of the Murcia region in Rome

The Strategic Plan of Tourism of the Murcia Region 2015-2019 establishes as main challenges the improvement of the tourist’s perception of the “brand image” of the destination Costa Cálida – Murcia Region as a holiday destination, both facing the Summer season as the rest of the year, for which it is necessary to carry out international advertising campaigns that position the destination in the mind of the consumer.

In July 2018, Tourism of the region of Murcia public a public tender for the contracting of a media agency service and included 6 lots differentiating their different markets of interest: Barcelona, ​​Copenhagen, Asturias, Rome, Paris and Düsseldorf.

Bidding agencies could bid for a maximum of 2 lots. In addition, the number of lots to be awarded to the same bidder was limited, and the bidder could not be awarded more than one of them.

In January 2019, OTS Media International was awarded the Batch 4 for strategic planning, purchase of spaces and execution of publicity actions in the region of Rome.


For the next 3 years and before the entry into operation of the new international airport of the Region of Murcia, ITREM aims to promote the destination Costa Cálida-Murcia in different cities in the rest of Europe during the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 , that offer new connectivity to this destination.

After a few months of preparation, the campaign for the region of Rome has started satisfactorily on May 1 and will be ongoing and intermittently throughout 2019 in various media such as digital, press and local radio.

Published by: OTS Media International