International Advertising, a pending issue

International Advertising, a pending issue

You do not learn in the faculty, nor do they teach it in schools, it does not come with an instruction manual nor is it a matter of memorizing a syllabus, but because of its extensive dimensions and its complexity, the only way to acquire knowledge is with daily practice and with experience, and, by its own magnitude, you never quite learn at all. The globalization of markets and the imbalance between supply and demand, encourage companies to open new markets where to promote their products. Consequently, creating adequate advertising campaigns becomes a key factor in achieving success in different markets that not only differ in terms of their economic structure, but also in terms of language and culture.

It is therefore easily deductible that not all markets are the same nor the social structure nor the demand of consumers is the same in one country as in another, and, therefore, we can not extrapolate advertising campaigns from one territory to another, for the same look like

The goal of advertising is both to increase sales and to create image and brand dominance. The challenge of advertising in the international framework is to introduce and place a brand highlighting the beliefs, political, economic, social, cultural, linguistic, geographical and technological aspects of each country. Therefore, there are many factors involved when considering an advertising campaign for a particular product and we will therefore have to know in depth the market we are targeting and the characteristics of the consumer audience to optimize all the elements in the communication process.

In short, the process of internationalization means becoming familiar with other forms of life, other cultures, other languages, other beliefs and values, other ways of thinking and feeling, other interests, which, in addition, we will have to respect and take them into account because they go to condition the acceptance, or not, of the advertising message. If we want to achieve effective campaigns we will have to adapt the message to the “modus vivendi” of the population to which it is addressed by applying the knowledge we have of those countries, since the acceptance and prestige of a brand beyond our borders will depend on it.

Eugenia Formoso – Managing Director